Writing from my cozy spot on the big blue sofa by the flickering fire while soft furry animals snooze like farting scatter cushions across the floor, a wilting Christmas tree beams a warm twinkling aura that settles on the room like gold dust, and I muse on some of life’s less comfortable experiences. I’m not... Continue Reading →

A Funny Thing Happened At The Beach.

I should know from experience that, as with your children, one should never assume that one’s dogs, (if you are lucky enough to have multiples) will all behave in the same way when faced with certain situations, simply by dint of belonging to the same family. Readers of my earlier blogs might remember a phenomenon known as... Continue Reading →


Just your average dog-walking outfit. My mother stored dressmaking and embroidery things in a large Chinese wedding basket of lacquer compartments scented with a nostalgic fragrance I’ve come to believe must be a blend of nepthalene and colonial antiquity; an aroma I still associate with snooping about where I shouldn’t. It was like a giant... Continue Reading →

Feathered Friends

I am usually met at the garden gate by a flock of racing hens, it’s like a slo-mo scene from a Race For Life promotional ad; buxom breasts bouncing, bingo wings flapping and each of them determined to greet me first with an inquisitive peck of the boot, or a long friendly “Braaak?" Yesterday afternoon... Continue Reading →


In my earliest recollection of the special relationship we have with these plant giants, I am hiding, perched like a little owl, maybe only three feet off the ground but feeling the excited thump in my chest from being completely concealed from adult view among the large leaves of a thick-set flowering tree in the... Continue Reading →


Starters orders. There’s a very funny picture that my Dad took of me crossing the finish line at River School sports day, circa 1981. It was when I still had a long way to go before growing into my adult teeth and gangly limbs. The overall image is reminiscent of an over-excited giraffe fleeing a... Continue Reading →


It was a sunny June day in 1990 when the silver Audi 100 (VYR 21S, the number plate still etched on my memory) pulled up next to the bus station on Pencester Road. The three of us got out, but a few lingering moments later, just two of us got back in.  That was the first time... Continue Reading →


It has been a long 10 weeks. I have grown weary of the endless skirting round hole-diggers, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, a team of heating engineers and a kitchen fitter. Last week the cast also included four high- viz hooligan window-fitters and roofers. Twirling in an endless polka through stepladders, like a deranged folk dancer, I... Continue Reading →


When the relief of having survived another Christmas and the buzz of a Happy New Year subsides, we in the northern wilderness are still faced with at least four more months of unrelenting Yorkshire winter before it feels like time to haul the vacuum-packed storage bags of shorts and gauzy shirts out from under the beds. And even then, it’s just to... Continue Reading →

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