Living as we do, in the wide rural hinterland halfway between the great northern cities of York and Hull, and being country mice, (also having adopted a certain Yorkshire parsimony when it comes to excessive fuel consumption), outings to these bustling metropoles are infrequent, and strictly reserved for special shopping trips, or meals out, so... Continue Reading →

Getting Lippy

A while ago I wrote about a dawning (Dawn French-ing, to be more precise) realisation that I will soon have to grow up, embrace ageing as a part of life, and stop being vain. But at the moment I'm still kicking and screaming, clawing my way back towards the light of youth. It isn't pretty,... Continue Reading →

Rolling about on the lino…

Sounds like fun? It's just my little way of getting your attention. I now have the pleasure of announcing some dates for the ART&ROSE Winter Workshops, which start with the Lino Cutting & Printing sessions. (It could even be as much fun as whatever you might have been imagining!) The Lino Cutting & Printing workshop... Continue Reading →

Advent Vent

I make no apologies for announcing that on this day, Monday 20th November, Christmas has officially begun… ...to get on my tits, and I will happily accept the deserved label of Big Fat Hairy Green Grinch. Let’s make that a hand made lino-printed label, artfully finished with washi tape and laser cut snowflake, attached, with... Continue Reading →

Living Rooms.

Having realised with a jolt that we are moving into a new life chapter; the hands of the kitchen clock whizzing round with increasing fury and the children beginning to dwarf us, I noticed an interesting shift in the way we occupy and decorate our home. We have just completed Phase One of a home... Continue Reading →

Contains Strong Language

Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Norse, who knows where it originates? But that four letter word has to have been one of the most exciting, provocative and useful in the modern English Language (Google it, and you'll find a fascinating history). Foreign substitutes, such as Fanculo, Merde, Carajo, or Neuken, just don't cut the mustard, do they? We... Continue Reading →

Time to put vanity on the bonfire?

This week, watching a podcast of Dawn French sharing her wisdom on becoming a sexagenarian (matron!) I noted with interest her advice about self esteem, and how she rued all the time she wasted in the pointless quest to change her appearance. She appears now, blissfully content in her own skin. This gives me hope that the... Continue Reading →

Is blood thicker than water?

Compared to my husband, who boasts a heady mix of Welsh and Irish- Scottish Catholic blood, gazillions of cousins, uncles, aunties and hangers-on, plus the corresponding Christmas card list, I descend from a relatively spindly branch of the family tree, many of us are dispersed widely across the globe, and not always present on occasions... Continue Reading →

Squeaky Clean

When I was a fully paid up member of that elite class of people known as The Ones With A Full-time Job, (catchy) the greatest perk was to allow myself the guilty pleasure of employing a cleaner. She only spent five hours a week mucking out our thirteen room hutch, but in that time she... Continue Reading →

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